Our reclaimed materials are sourced from old fence boards and posts. They are acquired from folks replacing their old fences which are often 15-20 years old. These boards require extra time and skill to bring back to life and wear down tools quicker, but we at Highly Reclaimed think the extra effort is well worth it. Besides the benefits of saving waste and reducing the demand for new material, there is a hidden beauty and character that is revealed in the aged and weathered wood.  All of our materials are sourced locally, cleaned, metal hardware removed, and then each surface of every board is re-milled to precision. Working within the limitations of the sourced materials available creates unique demands that help shape the design of our furniture. We strive for simplicity and minimalism and utilize joints and eschew shortcuts like screws. We opt for design based around function with every element serving a purpose. Each piece is like a miniature building, a mix of craftsman, mid-century and brutalist styles. Designed and made in Sacramento, CA, USA.